Câmara de Lagos invests 1,5 million in the purchase of vehicles

This measure is justified by the age of the car fleet and the fact that there are new legal requirements for some types of vehicles

The City of Lagos will invest around 1,5 million euros in the acquisition of vehicles for the collection of waste, for the transport of passengers and for the different municipal services.

About half of the amount to be invested is destined to the acquisition of three vehicles for collecting solid waste, with a base price of 750 thousand euros. “Two of them will be 26-tonne vehicles and will be equipped with a rotational compaction system with an approximate capacity of 20m3, while the third, smaller, will have 12 tonnes and a capacity of approximately 8m3”, according to the City Council of Lagos.

Two mini buses will also be purchased, for regular passenger service to Lagos A Onda. The vehicles in question are intended for the transport of passengers 'to be implemented in rural areas'.

It is also planned to purchase 'one heavy goods vehicle with crane, four light goods vehicles and fifteen light vehicles to assist with the daily tasks performed in external service, including a legal passenger vehicle (9 seats) in this last batch. for transporting children, to be used in school transport'.

"The investment was justified by the age and obsolescence of the existing car park, by the legal requirements in force, particularly with regard to the transport of children, and by the need to equip the municipal structure, making it more effective and efficient, namely in the execution of maintenance work and conservation of public space and municipal buildings, inspection of activities and provision of various services to the population», framed the Lacobrigense autarchy.