Works on the new Tavira bridge have already been awarded

New bridge costs 1,47 million euros

The new bridge over the River Gilão, in Tavira, will start to be built in the second half of September. The contract awarding the Tecnovia company was signed on March 22nd and Jorge Botelho, president of the Tavira Chamber, foresees that the works will start after the end of the Mediterranean Diet Fair, which takes place from the 5th to the 8th of September.

According to the mayor, at this point, “the process is in transit to the Court of Auditors and we are waiting for a visa in June. Then there will be another 30 days for the consignment and I hope to start the work right after the summer, in the month of September».

Jorge Botelho guarantees that there will be no works during the month of August and beginning of September, because we have «all the dynamics of the events, and summer and heavy works don't add up. So let's try to manage it this way. The bridge is very important for the Mediterranean Diet Fair, so, right away, we can start the work».

Current Bridge | Photo: Dayana Herd/ETIC_Algarve

“If the contractor agrees, the work starts in the second half of September. But, all this, if we have the approval of the Court of Auditors, as we hope, until the summer», he adds.

Afterwards, «it's about 500 working days», which means that, if all goes well, Tavira will have the new bridge in operation at the beginning of 2021.

The new bridge, which connects Largo da Caracolinha to Rua do Cais, will cost 1,47 million euros to the municipality's coffers and will replace the military bridge, a temporary structure that has been in use for 28 years.

The infrastructure will be built in concrete, will have 88 meters, a pedestrian and cycling lane and a transit lane.

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