Reinforcement work on the dunes and walkways has resumed at Praia de Odeceixe

The work to strengthen the dune cord and maintain the two access walkways is already underway at […]

The work to reinforce the dune cord and maintain the two access walkways is already underway on Odeceixe beach, announced the City Council of Aljezur.

The municipality recalls that this is one of the “Sete Maravilhas” beaches in the cliffs category, “is inserted between the sea and a meander of the river almost parallel to the coastline and regularly suffers “invasion” from torrential river flows and, of course, , the effects of the maritime agitation characteristic of this strip of the Atlantic coast».

Now, he stresses, «the isolated or joint effect of these occurrences often determines the rupture of the dune and the undesirable modulation of the beach».

On the other hand, «the great load of human use of this beach and the unruly trampling that destroys the dune and does not allow the fixation of the necessary vegetation cover, also justify and in large part this intervention».

To minimize these impacts, «lines» of dune recuperators had already been placed before, which, fulfilling their function, allow the consolidation to the north and south of part of the dune cord that remains with pioneering autochthonous vegetation».

The aim of the new intervention is now to "try to complete this intervention" and help create a "continuous and larger" dune cordon.

Both accesses to the beach will also be recovered and subject to maintenance work.

The work is under the responsibility of Sociedade Polis Litoral Sudoeste, to which the Municipality of Aljezur contributed its share capital, and totals an investment of 142 734,12 euros, with a co-financing rate of 85%.


Caption of the photo above: A and B – areas where the dune cord will be reinforced; B and C - accesses to be requalified