McNamara slipped on the Aquashow and felt like surfing a wave in Nazaré

From the giant waves of Nazaré to the slides at Aquashow, in Quarteira. Garrett McNamara opened the new attraction on Saturday […]

From the giant waves of Nazaré to the slides at Aquashow, in Quarteira. On Saturday, Garrett McNamara inaugurated the new attraction of the water park: the largest Free Fall in Europe, with two water slides, 32 meters high and 129 meters long.

The American surfer, who spent two days in the Algarve, in conversation with the Sul Informação he assumed that, at the beginning, he felt scared: “looking at the descent was a bit scary, but then it was good, it was perfect. Usually my stomach “goes up”, but this time it doesn't, maybe because I was well prepared».

The preparation that McNamara refers to is very likely that the surfer acquired surfing the waves in Nazaré, not least because, for him, “adrenaline is very similar. If anyone wants to know what it feels like to fall into one of the giant waves in Nazaré, just get down on it, and you'll find out how it feels when you fall off one of those waves. It's also a bit like we're surfing a perfect giant wave. It's a mix between falling and surfing, because you're not on the board, you're in your body», he concluded.

The two new Aquashow slides, which McNamara tried out, cost 1,5 million euros and are part, according to Celestino Santos, general director of the park, of the objective of «elevating fun to another level, such as betting on exclusive attractions in Portugal, such as the new Free Fall and the Russian Mountain».