The number of deaths due to the bus accident rises to 4

The number of fatalities caused by a bus accident in Albufeira increased to four. The 64-year-old Dutch tourist […]

bus accidentThe number of fatalities from the accident with a bus in Albufeira.

The 64-year-old Dutch tourist who was admitted to the Hospital de Faro, with a severe head trauma, died yesterday at 19:15 pm, he confirmed to Sul Informação hospital source.

The health condition of the 64-year-old woman was "very serious", with João Ildefonso, team leader of the Emergency Department of the Hospital de Faro, during the briefing done yesterday morning, given to understand that there was not much to be done to save her. 

According to the same source, four injured from the accident are still hospitalized in Faro and another at the Hospital de Portimão. There is also one wounded in the Hospital de S. José, in Lisbon.