Emilio Villalba plays 10 instruments with a history at Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório

The Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório hosts on February 23, at 21 pm, the closing concert of the 30th Festival […]

The Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório will host on February 23, at 21 pm, the closing concert of the 30th Al-Mutamid Festival performed by Emilio Villalba.

In this show, the multi-instrumentalist Emilio Villalba, accompanied by Sara Marina (tambourine), presents 10 instruments in detail and will play a theme with each of these musical instruments of enormous visual and sound beauty.

These instruments, coming from different points of East and West, will interpret musical pieces from the three monotheistic cultures of the Mediterranean (Muslim, Christian and Jewish).

It is an acoustic journey through the silence of deserts with instruments such as the “Rubab” from Afghanistan or the “Santur” Persian, to the myths and legends of old Mediterranean Europe with mechanical artefacts such as the “Accordion – viola de roda” or the mill on “Nyckel Harp – Keyboard Viola”. From the proximity and spontaneity offered by troubadours and minstrels in their songs and dances with “guiternas” and “rabeles”, to the palatial solemnity of a sonata for viola di gamba.

The Al-Mutamid Festival is a tribute to the poet-king Al-Mu`tamid, appointed governor of Silves at the age of 13, having become one of the best known taifas in Al-Andalus. He also devoted himself to poetry, music and singing and, inspired by the beauty of the city, he wrote and dedicated some of his most beautiful poems to her.

Tickets are now on sale at the Municipal Library of Silves, Castle of Silves and Municipal Museum of Archeology and cost 6 euros. They can also be purchased on site one hour before the show.

More information can be collected from the CMS Culture sector by calling 282 440 800 (ext.: 406).