Restaurants in Silves once again have a Weekend with Orange Flavor

From 16th to 18th February

Restaurants in Silves will have an Orange Flavor Weekend and put «the exceptional taste and aroma» of the municipality's orange on their menus, between the 16th and 18th of February.

This year, 17 restaurants joined this initiative by the Chamber of Silves, part of the Silves Capital of Orange Show, which will have on the menu suggestions once the orange from Silves «is queen», accompanied by local wines from Silves, according to the municipality.

The participating establishments are: Art'aska – Restaurante Bar and Wine Shop; English Coffee; Valdemar barbecue; Marisqueira Rui; Mosaiko – Restaurant & Suites; Barradas; Cais Bistro & Steak Boutique; “Parsley & Thyme (Parsley & Thyme)”; Recanto dos Mouros; Casa Velha Seafood Restaurant; O Pina Restaurant; Pérola do Arade Restaurant; Ponte Romana Restaurant; U Monchiqueiro 1 and 2 restaurants; SushiLove; and Portuguese Tavern.

«In this edition, three weekends will be drawn again, with accommodation and breakfast for two people, in three hotels in the municipality, for all those who dine in participating restaurants», according to the Chamber of Silves.

To do this, customers must fill out the competition coupon and attach the invoice. The draw will take place on February 18th, at 17:45 pm, on the main stage of the 8th Mostra Silves Capital da Laranja.

Additionally, all visitors to the event who register their visit to the event using the free Photoflyer service will benefit from a 10% discount on a meal in one of the participating restaurants.

The Weekend with Orange Flavor, an initiative promoted by the Municipality of Silves, «is part of the municipal strategy to promote restaurants and the brand “Silves, Capital of Laranja” which seeks to give greater notoriety to the orange product, emblematic of this municipality, and its producers”.

«A weekend entirely dedicated to gastronomy made using this product will highlight the unique and recognized quality characteristics, for many years, of oranges and other citrus fruits produced in the municipality, namely the sweetness, quantity of juice and the delicacy of aromas. exceptional", according to the municipality.

The event has the support of Hotel Colina dos Mouros, Hotel Vila Galé Náutico and Ponte Romana Alojamento.