More than 1200 candidates visited the Tourism Job Fair in Vilamoura

The job fair brings together employers and those who want to enter the job market

Looking for a place to do an internship, trying to find a job or, simply, getting to know the existing offer, were the main objectives of the more than 1200 candidates who attended the Job Fair in the Tourism sector, at the Algarve Congress Center, in Vilamoura, this Monday, February 5th.

This job fair, promoted by the Employment Exchange, a platform dedicated to bringing employers together with those who want to enter the job market, comes at a time when the job offer in Tourism is greater than the demand.

António Marto, president of Forum Tourism and founder of the Employment Exchange, explained that the balance of supply and demand «is very out of balance» and «it is necessary to stabilize, so that companies can offer the best service they have to their customers» .

Still, this official told the Sul Informação, «expectations are the best, because, if it weren't for that, we wouldn't have all this work».

«Of course, we hope that many candidates will come, we hope that these companies will leave satisfied and that, above all, the candidates will leave satisfied with the offers that are being proposed», summarized António Marto.

The official added that, throughout the day, “around 600 students from different schools in the Algarve” were expected, half of the “1200 candidates” that the fair attracted.



As for companies, 75 were present at this event, with the aim of making themselves known and showing opportunities and job offers.

For Sun Hotels, the objective was to show that the hotel industry is “not like it used to be”, as many associate this sector “with working 24 hours a day”.

According to Andreia Santos, human resources supervisor at Epic Sana Algarve, part of the Sana Hotels chain, «this type of event is relevant because, in addition to giving visibility to brands, it allows a personal connection with the candidate, which cannot be acquired via email» .

«It is important that we make the hotel known to candidates, and also invite students to visit it, if they are still in doubt about choosing the internship location. I think this is positive,” she said.

«There is a mismatch and, when there is this mismatch, there is always a part that has to make a greater effort. In this case, companies are forced to make this effort, because they are directly competing with each other, not only within the sector, but also outside the sector, to attract and be attractive and, ultimately, look for the best talent. At the moment, we are experiencing a period of maladjustment due to the increased supply», said Tânia Guerreiro, head of human resources at JJW hotels.

The same official added that «the peak of difficulties was in the post-pandemic year, the year of recovery. Unfortunately, companies were forced to hold back their financial efforts a little and greatly reduce opportunities and job creation».



On the side of those looking for a job, there is also a positive view regarding the Job Fair.

«These events are always important, because we have the opportunity to learn about the offer and discover another level of opportunities, whether here in the Algarve or elsewhere», said Carina Ferreira, a candidate present.

Unlike Carina, who is looking for a job, Brenda, from Escola Secundária de Loulé, on the cooking and pastry course, saw this study visit as a way of «gaining experience, by talking to people, finding out more about hotels and restaurants", and, in the end, conclude whether it really is the right profession to pursue.

On the same day, in Faro, the “Skills of the Future Algarve” program, a project designed to provide training to professionals in the tourism sector.

This training program, which involves hotel and tourism schools in the region, will reach around 1800 professionals, to provide them with skills and tools that allow them to “improve their performance and consequently the results of tourist activity and the perception of value by customers", according to Turismo do Algarve and Turismo de Portugal, which promote the initiative.


Photos and text from: Cátia Rodrigues, who is a finalist for the Master's in Communication and Digital Media at the University of Algarve and is doing her internship at Sul Informação.




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