Faro and Tavira host national premiere of the film “Bann” by Leonor Teles

In Tavira, the session will be unique and subtitled in English

Faro and Tavira are two of the cities where the film Baan, by Leonor Teles, will have its national premiere, tomorrow, Thursday, February 8th.

Em Faro, the new work by the filmmaker who already won a Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival can be seen at Cinemas Nos at Fórum Algarve.

The film will also be at the Cineclube de Tavira, but only on the 8th, in a unique session that will have the particularity of being subtitled in English, «so that the film can also reach audiences who don't speak Portuguese», according to film producer Uma Stone in the shoe.

The film, whose action is divided between Lisbon and Bangkok, tells the story of two women who find themselves «in a merry-go-round of past, present – ​​and perhaps future – that accelerates a youth in turmoil. Adult life, career and affections become overwhelming, in a story that begins when L meets K».

The action «is born from the emptiness that is losing a “home” (baan บ้ าน in Thai): the place where we belong and feel good».

«When we think about this feeling of home, we usually associate it with a physical place or, perhaps, with someone. How to survive something so simple and simultaneously so complex? At the end of relationships and not necessarily at the end of love? The truth is that cinema has always dealt with these issues», according to Leonor Teles.

«BAAN arises from an impulse to understand how sharing with a person can brutally heal us at the age of 20. And it also comes from point zero: how do we start over from there, how do we behave when we meet someone new, how do we know if we should trust again? BAAN aims to explore precisely that: feelings we can't deal with; periods of our life that mark us and affect what remains of it (or, naively, we think so), and what happens after that, because at the end of the day we have all survived the end», adds the director.