Liberal Initiative will help unlock lead from the budget Faro

However, IL warns that there are red lines

The Liberal Initiative of Faro is said to be “available to contribute to unblocking the lead in the Municipal Budget of Faro» for 2024, but not if there is a possible adaptation to the budget that causes an increase in current expenditure, in relation to the version which was rejected by the Municipal Assembly of Faro this week, with two votes against from the PSD, the party that leads the coalition that is in power in Faro.

The Municipal Group of the Liberal Initiative at the Municipal Assembly in Faro considers that, «if there is any modifying change in the allocation of the items of current expenditure, the increase will need to be compensated with reductions in the allocations recorded in other items of the same current expenditure, which is why maintaining the current budget balance is a fundamental condition».

The presentation of a new budget, before including the management balance carried over from 2023, It's not a hypothesis that's on the table, said, however, Rogério Bacalhau, president of the Chamber of Faro.

IL is, moreover, one of the parties that make up the coalition and voted in favor of the budget proposal that was submitted to the last AM.

Like Sul Informação Then he realized, this proposal was just not approved because there were two municipal deputies from the PSD who voted against the budget presented by their own party, causing the document to be failed with 15 votes against, 13 in favor and two abstentions.

This situation caught Rogério Bacalhau off guard, as he himself confessed to our newspaper, adding that the Chamber of Faro «not an employment agency», as a comment on the budget lead with “friendly fire”.

The Liberal Initiative Faro «considers the recent disapproval of the municipal budget by the Municipal Assembly of Faro incomprehensible, both for the party and for the people of Faro».

«IL Faro states that during the preliminary discussions of the municipal budget, there were no indications about a possible disapproval of the proposal by the various members who make up the coalition in the Municipal Assembly of Faro, a situation that proves to be incomprehensible for the party, but equally for all Farenses», he illustrated.

This party argues that «the people of Faro deserve responsible municipal management that focuses on resolving Faro and those from Farenses, as well as in the future development of the municipality. The different municipal bodies must be aware of the importance that the municipal budget has in the management of the municipality».

«In this context, IL Faro considers that it will now be up to the PSD Faro the responsibility of finding a solution to resolve the impasse it generated within its members, as well as reestablishing the trust of Farenses and the parties that make up the coalition», they say.

During the budget discussion at the Municipal Assembly of Faro, the municipal deputy of the Liberal Initiative, Daniel Viegas, «highlighted that, in a year in which there will be a reduction in IMI and Derrama rates, the investment capacity of the Municipality of Faro, a fact that translates into an increasing weight of capital expenditure in the budget. However, he also warned about the very significant increase in personnel expenses planned by the municipality for next year, which correspond to 46% of the overall increase in expenses.

The IL Municipal Group in the Municipal Assembly of Faro «highlights that the containment of current expenditure and the increase in the relative weight of capital expenditure in the municipal budget of Faro, are essential to enable the execution of various structuring projects for Faro over the next few years. Prudent management by the municipality will also allow the municipality to be equipped with the necessary budgetary margin to enable a strategy of continuous fiscal relief for the people of Faro».