Budget lead: Chamber of Faro «it’s not an employment agency», says Bacalhau

Mayor of Faro says he was caught “off guard” by the votes against from two elected members of his party, the PSD

The Chamber of Faro «it is not an employment agency, nor does it create positions on request. Period, I’m not saying anything more.” It was in this way that Rogério Bacalhau, president of the Farense municipality, commented on the lead of the Budget proposal for 2024, at the Municipal Assembly, this Tuesday, thanks to two votes against from those elected by his party, the PSD.

The Farense mayor confesses that he and the members of his executive were “caught off guard”, guaranteeing that “this is the responsibility of two people, no more than that”.

«Yesterday, there was a meeting of the political committee of the Faro of the PSD, where a vote of confidence in the executive was approved unanimously and with acclamation. Therefore, this is only responsible for the two people who did it,” he said.

The two people to whom the President of the Chamber refers are Gameiro Alves and Tiago Botelho, who voted against and justified the lead in a declaration of vote, where they are concerned that the current executive's options could harm the party in the next municipal elections and suggest several measures.

With lead, says Rogério Bacalhau, «on the 1st of January we will not have a budget, we will continue with the budget we have».

In practice, he assured, this will not make a big difference, because the proposal that was presented – and failed – was “the possible budget” and a document “that has nothing new, (…) because it will only be in February, when we do the incorporation of the management balance, we put new measures in place”.

«Everything there was approved by the Municipal Assembly. There is no justification for any of this, it is just a political issue», he defended.

Then, «at the end of January or February, a new budget for 2024 will be approved».

«We have works whose contracts were signed this month and which will be developed now and these are the works that are in the proposal that was rejected. There's nothing new. In the budget review, we introduce new things. Therefore, this budget is what it has to be, it wasn't even made by me, it was made by the services. I have a list of things I want to do next year that I will review later. The review will include the things that we understand should be done in 2024», he concluded.



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