Faro approves addition to the agreement with IHRU to review the local housing strategy

Agreement foresees total investment of almost 96 million euros

The Municipality of Faro approved at a Chamber meeting this Wednesday, December 27th, the addition to the collaboration agreement with the Institute of Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU), under the 1st Law – Support Program for Access to Housing.

The document allows the revision of the Local Housing Strategy of the Municipality of Faro – 2018/2030, after agreement by the IHRU.

In total, this agreement foresees a total investment estimated at almost 96 million euros (95.736.938,98 euros), of which the IHRU plans to provide financing of 85.321.480,91 euros (32,736.066,95 euros granted in the form of non-refundable contributions and 52.585.413,96 euros as a loan).

According to the municipality of Faro, the review of the Municipality's Local Housing Strategy – 2018/2030 – in which situations of housing shortages existing in the territory are highlighted and solutions defined – was approved by the Municipal Assembly, on the 5th of July, providing for a wide range of projects, which can now apply for funding.

Among the objectives set out in the Local Housing Strategy is the leasing by the Municipality of Faro of up to 100 dwellings for sublease under an affordable rent regime, the construction of more than 800 dwellings at controlled costs in the municipality (Estrada Senhora da Saúde Faro) (90), Detailed Plan of Lejana (170), Urbanization Plan of Vale da Amoreira (137), Urbanization Plan of Penha (94) and Estoi (275), construction for rent under a supported rent regime of a total of 215 homes – Rua Ludovico Menezes (22) and Montenegro (49 + 12 homes), both already under construction, and Braciais (132 homes).

Furthermore, according to the municipality, there is the possibility of purchasing accommodation, up to a total of 150 dwellings, intended to accommodate families in a situation of housing shortage, as well as the rehabilitation of municipal buildings and dwellings (Bairro de Santo António do Alto, Bairro Carreira de Tiro and Bairro Presidente João Negrão Belo).

The raffle of 90 new homes for sale at controlled costs in the Lejana de Baixo area took place on the 28th of June. The forecast was that 46 would be ready to live this month and the remaining 44 in April of next year.