Infralobo launches book with its 25 years of history

Book will be released next Monday, November 13th

Next Monday, November 13th, Infralobo will present a book about 25 years of its history. 

The book, with investigation, interviews and writing by journalist Ivone Dias Ferreira, is published in Portuguese, English and Braille.

25 years Infralobo proposes a journey through the Municipal Company's timeline through testimonies from employees, administrators and personalities from different backgrounds, from politics to the environment.

The work revisits the most decisive moments of investments in terms of reorganization, restructuring and reconstruction of infrastructures, at the same time as it reveals the goals set: the fight against climate change, smooth mobility, better management of public services and the achievements especially in terms of level of reduction of the company's ecological footprint.

In a note, Infralobo highlights awards achieved such as the best managing entity (in water distribution) with a density of branches exceeding 20 kilometers per network.

Within the scope of demanding international certifications, the municipal company has, in recent years, achieved NP EN ISO 50001:2019 regarding energy, NP EN ISO 14001:2015 regarding the environment, NP 4552:2016 within the scope of work-life balance, personal and family, among others.

The book 25 anos Infralobo is therefore a dynamic book, as each photograph or statement is accompanied by a QR Code allowing, using a smartphone, to consult the testimonies in full.

In recent years, Infralobo has invested in cutting-edge technology and reduced its carbon footprint by 55%. This result was possible through several investments: in electric vehicles that are already responsible for more than 40% of the total kilometers traveled by the company's fleet, in photovoltaic panels that already enable, for example, the Headquarters Building to be A+, 100% more efficient, or in the intelligent telemetry system that translates into effective water savings.

In 2023, the municipal company advanced with the door-to-door collection of bio-waste.

In the first three months alone, the smart waste initiative saw 70 tons of bio-waste sent for composting, avoiding landfill.