Ferragudo presents a competition in celebrations of the 24th anniversary of elevation to Vila

A public participation initiative was also launched to choose the location for swimming on the 1st of January

Ferragudo celebrated this Wednesday, November 1st, the 24th anniversary of its elevation to town, with the presentation of a public participation initiative related to the January 1st sea bathing and an amateur photography competition. 

The usual flag raising was attended by two groups of scouts, 413 from Ferragudo and 511 from Lagoa, the president of the Municipal Assembly Águas da Cruz, vice president Anabela Simão and culture councilor Ana Martins.

The president of the Ferragudo Parish Assembly Sónia Silva, the secretary of the Ferragudo Parish Council Telma Brazona and the secretary of the 413 Group – Maritime Group Aida Quintão also participated.

The president of the Ferragudo Parish Council was responsible for presenting the amateur photo competition “Once upon a time… my Fair”, which aims to collect photographic memories of the October Fair, which lasted until the 80s of the last century.

Luís Alberto also presented the public consultation that will be carried out, in order to support the executive's decision for the location of the 16th sea bath, on January 1, 2024.

The options are “maintain your venue in Praia do Pintadinho”, “relocate to Praia Grande”, “relocate to Praia do Molhe” or “relocate to Praia dos Caneiros”.

The survey will be available until December 3rd, with its results being assessed at the Parish Council meeting on December 4th.

The ceremonies on the 1st ended with a tribute, in the Vila cemetery, to the deceased former combatants, promoted by the Lagoa – Portimão branch of the League of Combatants, with the president of Lagoa City Council Luís Encarnação present.