Castro Marim once again has a salt nativity scene that is also made from local crafts

This is already a tradition in the municipality

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The Salt Nativity Scene, which is already a Christmas tradition in Castro Marim, will be inaugurated on December 7th, at 17pm, at Casa do Sal, in this village in the eastern Algarve.

«Inspired by new languages ​​with each edition, this year's Salt Nativity Scene uses artisanal elements, in river cane, built by the hands of basketmaker Martinho, an apprentice of the late António Mestre. The tradition is joined by the collections of the collector Ernesto Pires, already a collaborator the previous year, and the Castro Marim Parish Council, which has also been acquiring its own pieces», describes the Chamber of Castro Marim.

«To the new forms and creative interpretations of the Birth of Jesus, there is a starry sky that invokes the feelings that illustrate the story, of light, hope and love, and makes the base of this nativity scene, the “white gold”, shine even more. de Castro Marim», he adds.

An initiative of the Municipality and Parish Council of Castro Marim, this nativity scene aims to promote and reinforce «the great economic, social and cultural engine of Castro Marim, which is salt».

«Enriching and valuing Castro Marim's symbiotic connection with the salt industry and, at the same time, promoting other elements of local culture and heritage, such as crafts and arts, are the main objectives» of the initiative, concludes the municipality.

The Salt Nativity Scene can be visited until the 7th of January, every day, between 9:00 am and 13:00 pm and 14:30 pm and 17:30 pm.