Traffickers arrested with 1250 doses of cocaine forced to report daily to the police

One of them had been arrested "in flagrante delicto", transporting cocaine in his car.

The two men, aged 27 and 36, arrested in Quarteira for drug trafficking, when they had 1250 doses of cocaine in their car, were obliged to report daily to the police.

The Territorial Command of Faro The GNR informs that, after being present yesterday at the Judicial Court of Loulé, «the two detainees were subject to the coercive measure of daily presentations at a police station in the area of ​​residence».

The two presumed traffickers were caught by the GNR during a stop operation, on Sunday, the 3rd of September. When the authorities gave the order to stop, the two fled in the car they were following.

One of them was arrested shortly afterwards, «in flagrante delicto», having had 1250 doses of cocaine, two mobile phones and 90 euros in cash seized.

The second occupant of the vehicle, who in the meantime had continued to flee on foot, was located and caught "a few hours later".