Fire: Rota Vicentina leaves the meeting with mayors, government and businessmen "hopeful"

Secretary of State for Tourism was in Odemira this Friday to listen to businessmen in the sector

Turismo Rural Teima was the most affected by the fire. Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação

Marta Cabral, President of the Board of the Association Rota Vicentina, leaves the meeting that brought together this Friday, August 11th, the mayors of the Municipalities of Aljezur, Monchique and Odemira, the Government and businessmen to talk about the impact of the fire that started in São Teotónio last Saturday, August 5th. , and was assumed to be dominated by Wednesday the 9th

This meeting, essentially based on the impact that the fire left on tourism – and which was attended by the Secretary of State for the sector – reinforced, however, that «things must be seen in an integrated way», given that «there is a series of issues linked to land use planning, agriculture, environment, territorial cohesion, which are directly related».

In statements to the Sul Informação, Marta Cabral reveals that meetings are also scheduled with all these guardianships and that there is “a very quick and positive reaction of union and reconstruction of what was lost”, without forgetting what was left.

Although the full survey has not yet been completed, the president of the Rota Vicentina Association states that «what happened seriously impacted our structure on the ground, in terms of trails, but, above all, in our network of associates, with several companies that had burned equipment and infrastructure, in addition to the landscape, which has a very big impact».

Even so, Marta Cabral reinforces that this is the high season and, apart from a few cases, tourism is working.


Marta Cabral, president of Rota Vicentina. Photograph: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação (file)


«There were many people who decided to stay because they come for the beaches and this was practically not affected. Most of those who visit these rural tourism units are looking for the landscape, but also the welcome and there is a very beautiful wave of solidarity, even on the part of the customers, and things continue to happen, despite the fact that the scenery is, in some cases, literally black», he says.

According to the president, the great challenge that the meeting left was that of «leaving better than we entered» and «taking advantage, in some cases, to rebuild the vegetation with better quality».

«There is a lot that spontaneously regenerates, but there is another part that will have to be planted and the idea is to be extremely careful with the way the land is cared for and replanted», he says.

As for the hiking season, which is about to begin, Marta Cabral says that it is still necessary to carry out «a rigorous survey of the situation», but, at the very least, «there will be changes in the burned areas».

«We don't know if we will have to cancel part of the stages, probably yes, I can't determine that for now, but soon we will update the information online».

Despite the fact that the last few days have been filled with anguish, Marta Cabral confirms that «no one has their arms crossed».

«I am even moved by the wave of solidarity that has taken place, not only among the community, but on the part of entrepreneurs, who have proven that they are very resilient and have a very strong focus on investing in natural and social heritage».

From the meeting, according to Marta Cabral, «the idea of ​​being together – public, private, companies and community – is to draw up a plan and support each other in rebuilding everything that is missing and we will come out better from what we entered in this terrible situation that happened» , concludes.

This Thursday, August 10, the Casas Brancas association had already announced that close to two dozen tourist accommodations in the municipality of Odemira were affected, some with material damage, by the fire that broke out on Saturday.



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