Favorable meteorological conditions in Odemira, but fire without significant evolution

One of the authorities' biggest concerns is to prevent the fire from entering the vast Monchique mountains.

Image: European Union, Copernicus Sentinel-2

More than a thousand operators are still involved today in fighting the fire in Odemira, where, during the night, meteorological conditions, such as increased humidity, were more favorable, but without any significant evolution.

A source from the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC) referred to the briefing scheduled for 11:30 am today, in Odemira, more information about this fire, which started on Saturday and has already reached 10 hectares.

Information available at 07:45 on the ANEPC website indicated that 1.077 operators were involved, supported by 367 vehicles. For now there are no air assets in action, but they should start soon.

The fire, which broke out in São Teotónio, in the municipality of Odemira, remained at the beginning of Tuesday night. two active fronts, forcing the authorities to cover a perimeter of 50 kilometres.

At the press conference held at 19:30 pm on Tuesday, civil protection reported that the northern front, in Odemira (Alentejo district of Beja), did not present serious problems, while the southern front presented two more worrying situations, at the intersection with the municipalities Aljezur and Monchique Algarve (district of Faro).

The updated information in this briefing indicated that a total of 1.459 people had been displaced by the GNR, on a preventive basis, many of whom were taken to defined reception points. O São Miguel campsite, meanwhile, has already reopened without major damage.

36 people were also assisted on the ground by the National Institute of Medical Emergencies (INEM), mostly civil protection agents.

Another eight people – five firefighters and three civilians – even received hospital care, without configuring serious situations.

One of the authorities' biggest concerns is to prevent the fire from entering the vast Monchique mountain range, heavily hit by other fires in previous years, especially in 2018.

As a matter of fact, according to the information given yesterday at 19 pm, at the foot of the mountain range the fire is close to areas that have not been consumed by the flames since 2003.