Mini-documentary by ETIC_Algarve students presents “Os Ecos de Abril”

The documentary “Os Ecos de Abril” was produced as part of the 48h Documentary Challenge

Five students from ETIC_Algarve produced a mini-documentary showcasing “Os Ecos de Abril”. 

This production presents the stories of two individuals, «whose lives were shaped in a unique way by the events of April 25th, revealing how their paths intertwine in a journey of reflection and reconciliation», in the words of graduates Bárbara Afonso, Leandro Silva (graduates finalists) and Beatriz Silvestre, Jordana Gasparinho, and Tiago Brito (1st year graduates of the Directing, Cinema and TV course)

«This project is not just a historical documentary; is a moving reminder of the lasting significance of the 25th of April», says Nuno Ribeiro, director of ETIC_Algarve.

«Through the creativity and talent of our graduates, we challenge ourselves to explore how these events continue to resonate in our lives», he adds.

The documentary “Os Ecos de Abril” was produced as part of the 48h Documentary Challenge, a collaborative project between ETIC_Algarve and Prague City University, with coordination and mentoring by Maia Horniak, Program Leader at PCU, and José Jesus, tutor in the area of Video by ETIC_Algarve.

«We are impressed by the commitment and dedication of the graduates to deliver such significant work», considers Maia Horniak, Program Leader of the three-year Bachelor of Arts courses at Prague City University.

«With five documentaries produced in these intense 48 hours, the talent and potential of ETIC_Algarve's future filmmakers is demonstrated», he says.

For more information regarding this and other school projects, you can contact 289 823 359, 960 309 550 or [email protected].