Odiana Association launches Baixo Guadiana Nautical Guide

Available in two versions — Portuguese and English

Associação Odiana has just launched the “Bass Guadiana Nautical Guide”, a collaboration with InfoPortugal, which is presented as “a comprehensive resource to explore the nautical richness of the region”.

Developed with the aim of promoting the nautical and sporting possibilities of the charming territory of Baixo Guadiana, the guide presents itself as an essential tool for local residents and visitors to explore the wonders of the sea and river.

Available in two versions — Portuguese and English —, it is a 56-page product in vertical A5 format.

Covering a diverse range of topics, the guide offers comprehensive information on nautical activities, leisure options and picturesque destinations along the Guadiana River.

One of the guide's distinctive features is its detailed illustrated map, which provides a panoramic view of the navigable stretch of the Guadiana River, covering the municipalities of Alcoutim, Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António.

The map identifies points of interest such as marinas and docks, allowing boating enthusiasts to easily explore the region.

The manual also includes a variety of subjects related to the sea, from tourist actions related to the sea, to water sports. It also offers insights into the cultural and natural heritage of the area, exploring traditional and sport fishing, the salt industry and themed annual events.

In short, the “Baixo Guadiana Nautical Guide” is an essential reference source for anyone wishing to explore the region, promoting a deeper understanding of the nautical heritage and activities that have shaped the Baixo Guadiana over the years.

To access the PDF of the Nautical Guide, click here.