Portimão City Council raises awareness of the fight against food waste

Users of Senior Living Centers learned how to make better use of leftover meals

The Portimão City Council raised the awareness of users of the Senior Living Centers in the county to combat food waste, in a session held today, June 7th, at the Quinta Pedagógica de Portimão.

The awareness-raising action was under the theme “Awareness about Food Losses and Waste” and was aimed at users of the Senior Living Centers in Aldeia das Sobreiras and Portimão.

Through the questions that were posed during a peddy paper, «the participants not only discovered the various species of animals existing on the Quinta and learned a little about the agriculture practiced here, but also learned more about the best way to use leftovers from meals, whether a food is in ideal safety conditions to be consumed, or what is the purpose of composting and the collection of organic waste, among other topics of interest, addressed in a didactic way», according to the municipality.

This activity, carried out in collaboration with EMARP – Empresa Municipal de Águas e Residuos de Portimão, Banco Alimentar do Algarve and Quinta Pedagógica de Portimão, is part of a set of actions planned for this year, directly related to the municipal strategy to combat food waste. .

In this context, and in close partnership with the Food Bank of the Algarve, various tips to combat food waste will be made available to the community, some of which were already at the heart of the activity carried out this morning.

A challenge will also be launched to the institutions for the training of employees in the canteens and kitchens, in order to be able to combat food waste, as well as preparing an e-book of “zero waste” recipes and developing workshops for technicians and the population in general.

Since 2022, the municipality has been developing actions to promote zero waste, «among which the creation of monthly recipes aimed at beneficiaries of food support, based on the foods that make up a monthly basket and the holding of workshops at the Municipal Market and at the Quinta Education, among other initiatives».

Still in this area of ​​intervention, the municipality has established a partnership with the project “Prato Certo on wheels” until 2022, aiming to raise awareness of the importance of Mediterranean food, the reuse of food and its full use. Leftover recipes were also created, in a challenge launched by the Municipality to DUAL Professional Qualification – Portimão Centre, which was successfully overcome, as proved last year by tasters from various schools in the municipality.

«Because equality experienced in its fullness involves equal access to various rights, and because the right to a meal is considered basic and fundamental, the activity carried out this morning, within the scope of the Municipal Day to Combat Food Waste, is also part of the Municipal Plan for Equality and Non-Discrimination», added the Chamber.

«The combination of the promotion of equality and the effective fight against food waste led the Municipality of Portimão to invite this school year the 5th year students of the municipality’s school groups to join the seniors and learn, in in a playful way, basic tips that they can implement in their homes and replicate with family and friends», he concluded.