Association 289 shows in Faro «carefree» works by 15 artists

Until the 9th of July

The exhibition “One Place, Then the Other”, a project by Algarve artists Bruno Grilo and Luís Marques that brings together proposals from 15 creators «local, national, international, young, mid-career, unknown or established», will be inaugurated tomorrow, June 10th, at 17 pm, at Associação 00, in Pontes de Marchil, in Faro.

The project features the participation of artists Fred Hubble, Fábio Araújo, João Gomes Gago, Ruben Goncalves, Guilherme Pinto, Samira Rocha, Maria Ribeiro, Aoleo, Rafael Fraguas, Rita Leitão, Clarice Cunha, Sara Goncalves, Tiago Rocha Costa, Diogo Sousa and Rui Mota and arose from «the need for interaction between the project’s stakeholders, artistic communities from different places and the Algarve region».

«The intention is to present subjective, individual and carefree ideas and experiences, but always committed to contemporary thought and the polysemic concept of place, that is, your place and the place of others», according to the promoters of the region.

At Associação 289, the invited artists found «a reception space for work(s) of a more experimental and carefree nature, thus allowing the affirmation of the project according to principles of informality but which, however, is expressed through an exhibition culture».

Bruno Grilo and Luís Marques started from «their interest in their research on artistic work» to choose the invited artists, launching «the proposal and the freedom of choice for a certain type of more experimental works that, due to their characteristics, would not be easily channeled into the gallery circuits, nor contemplated in the institutional programs».

In this way, the promoters of the exhibition intend to respond to «the way in which the artistic system is organized, which is often elitist, conservative, out of date in time and space and, often, with a little attention to the peripheries».

The exhibition can be seen until the 9th of July.


About the promoters of the exhibition:

Bruno Cricket he was born in Albufeira where he lives and works, he is currently also a teacher. The central purpose of his artistic practice is the need to seek and make possible an expanded sculptural language, associating a conceptual and contemporary relevance with a socio-political one. He works mainly with sculpture, installation, photography and drawing.

Luis Marques was born in Faro, Portugal in 1999 where he currently lives and works. The work, centered on painting, is a visual research that makes use of some questions and ideas about the territory, the collective memory and the relationship between Man and Nature.



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