Festival Fusos will have «many shows to surprise the public» in Alte

Between the 2th and 4th of June

Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação (file)

Music, theatre, sound design, dance, poetry, painting, literature and radio intersect on the Fusos stage – Festival of Artistic Fusions, which will have «many shows to surprise the public» in Alte, between the 2nd and 4th of June. 

«This is the 6th edition of a Festival that is increasingly consolidated, with a very coherent format and a structure that works beautifully», says Carlos Norton, artistic director of the festival, to Sul Informação.

According to one of the promoters of this format, this edition highlights the opening concert with Argonautus Ensemble and Carla Pontes (Música / Luz), and, mainly, the concert by Teresa Salgueiro, the mythical singer of Madredeus, scheduled for Friday fair, on the 2nd, where the fusion with technology will allow the public to be virtually next to the singer during the concert through the use of 3D glasses.

As every year, the objective is to bring news, so that the public is «surprised».

On Saturday, there will be the premiere of “O Fabuloso Destino de Amália” (a title that plays with the name of a famous French film from the beginning of the XNUMXst century), a radio soap opera, which crosses radio with theater and music, and, according to Carlos Norton, will also be one of the great moments of the Festival.



Invoking the childhood of Amália Rodrigues, with a text by journalist António Pires, this show features, on stage, Carla Pires, Luanda Cozetti, Raquel Bulha, Carla Pontes, Luís Pucarinho, Jorge Benvinda and Txibra: musicians from various musical universes who come together to give voice to the characters that help Amália as a child to become a great world icon.

Finally, on Sunday, the 4th, anyone visiting Alte will be able to take a walk with music, before attending the concert by O Gajo (a project that was born in Lisbon, in 2016, by the hands of João Morais).

«João took the viola campaniça and gave it a completely different format», explains Carlos Norton, inviting everyone to watch this show scheduled for 18:20.

This year, the Fusos Festival hopes to receive once again the hundreds of people who travel to Alte to live this experience.

«The Festival is a bet for the village itself, but what we have noticed is that, year after year, there are more and more people visiting and a lot of people end up becoming loyal», reinforces Carlos Norton.

Fusos is a festival organized by the Parish Council of Alte and the Municipality of Loulé and has free entry.




June 2rd

21:30: Inauguration of the flag by Argonautus Ensemble + Carla Pontes (music / light)
21:50: Sound track “Caminhos de terra” (sound design / landscape)
22:15 pm: Teresa Salgueiro (music / technology)
23:30 pm: B. One DJ set

June 3rd

14:30 pm: Fancy Library (theatre/literature)
15:20 pm: Ghazal – Poetry and Music of the Silk Road (poetry/song)
16:15 pm: Jordão (music / sound design)
17:00: São + Que Irmãs (performative dance / music)
18:20 pm: Orquestra de Alte (music / educational service)
18:45 pm: Maestro de Água – Saucejas (Latvia) (music / landscape)
21:30: Asas de Sonho (music / dance / painting)
21:50: Sound track "Caminhos de terra" (sound design / landscape)
22:00 pm: The Fabulous Destiny of Amália (theatre / radio / music)
23:30 pm: PIXSOM (image / sound)

June 4rd

10:00 am: Walking tour along Ribeira de Alte (scenery / music)
14:30 pm: Alte e Siga o Baile – Traditional dances from Alte
16 pm: Saucejas – Latvian traditional dance workshop
17h30: Fusada with Capoeira Alegria e Bem Estar
18:20 pm: The Guy



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