EMARP installs structures with beach ashtrays

The action is carried out jointly with the restaurants and concessions

EMARP – Empresa Municipal de Portimão installed 40 structures, with beach ashtrays, to mark the beginning of the bathing season. The aim is to raise awareness of the «correct disposal of cigarette butts».

The campaign, with humorous messages, «has different messages conveyed by “Nico”, the character created to capture the attention of the most distracted smokers», says EMARP.

“Put me in an ashtray” or “Don't bury my head in the sand” are some of the appeals that Nico makes to smokers on the Portimonian beaches, with the aim of combating the problem of improper disposal of cigarette butts on the beach.

The action is carried out jointly with the restaurants and concessions, which guarantee the daily storage and replacement of ashtrays in the structures.

As in previous years, eighty ecopoints in different colors will be installed on the county's beaches to facilitate and encourage the separation of materials such as paper, glass, plastic and metal, making it possible to divert this waste from the oceans and landfills.

In view of the amount of materials that remain to be recycled, in particular packaging, it is urgent to get rid of the rubbish left on the sands and raise awareness of the importance of correct disposal.

To help holidaymakers correctly dispose of waste in ecopoints, communication will be reinforced, with bilingual signage, in Portuguese and English, under the motto “There is no way to deceive”.