On the day of the demonstration, CCDR says it is attentive to the issue of Alagoas Brancas

Today, World Biodiversity Day is celebrated.

The presidency of the Coordination and Regional Development Commission (CCDR) of the Algarve says that it has "maintained the necessary contacts and institutional cooperation" with the Lagoa Chamber on the issue of Alagoas Brancas. The position comes on a day when there was a demonstration outside the CCDR, in Faro. 

This protest, convened by the “Save the Alagoas Brancas” movement, brought together a few dozen people.

In a note sent to the press, the CCDR guarantees that, in addition to the institutional cooperation with the Lagoa Chamber and with «various entities with competence», it has also accompanied «private and civil society initiatives that, within the framework of legal norms and planning of the applicable territory, contribute to the preservation of Biodiversity in the Algarve Region".

The Alagoas Brancas are «a concrete and circumscribed situation, in an area classified as urban land by the Municipal Master Plan (PDM) of Lagoa, mostly in areas qualified as land whose urbanization is possible to program in accordance with the Urbanization Plan of Lagoa, which constitutes an urban perimeter of the City of Lagoa, with no easements or restrictions of public utility found», recalls the CCDR.


José Apolinário – Photo: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação


Also today and associated with World Biodiversity Day, an open letter was released, with seven reasons to prevent the destruction of Alagoas Brancas, signed by entities such as the Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds, the Sustainable Water Platform, Sciaena and Tavira in Transition.

These reasons are both related to climate and biodiversity, since Alagoas Brancas is an «ecosystem and a feeding, roosting, refuge, nesting and reproduction area for more than 145 species of birds, containing in total more than of 300 species of fauna and flora».

Another reason is the issue of water ("the drought in the Algarve is structural and it makes no sense to drain and level natural ponds"), as well as security ("build a retail park above an aquifer and a wetland that should be considered an area threatened by floods endangers the population and its assets and sustainability»).

The other three reasons relate to economy, fairness and sustainability.


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