Project presented to create the career of auxiliary health technician

Government considers this «a decisive step»

The Ministry of Health presented this Thursday to the workers' representative associations the draft decree-law that aims to create the legal regime of the special career of auxiliary health technician and the legal regime of the career of auxiliary health technician, with application in the entities integrated into the National Health Service.

This is, according to the Government, «a decisive step», since «the new careers unequivocally value the role of these workers in the operation of health services and in the provision of health care to the population».

According to the draft diploma, the career of auxiliary health technician will cover SNS workers, regardless of the binding regime - employment contract in public functions or employment contract - that they exercise in the area of ​​health care provision, corresponding to the functional content of an auxiliary health technician. It will have a multi-category structure, developing into two categories.

The draft decree-law and the preliminary study provided for in article 135 of Decree-Law no. 10/2023, of February 8, will now be published separately from the Labor and Employment Bulletin, for the purposes of public appreciation for a period of 30 days, counting from the date of its publication.