Isilda Gomes is PS candidate for the European Parliament

The mayor of Portimão is in an eligible position, so if that happens, she will have to leave the municipality

Isilda Gomes, current president of Portimão City Council, is on the PS list for the European Elections on June 9th. Apparently, the Algarve mayor will occupy 7th place, that is, a position in which she must be elected, which will force her to leave the Chamber of Portimo, halfway through her third and final term.

The list of candidates is being approved this evening at the meeting of the PS Political Committee, which is taking place in Lisbon.

According to Agência Lusa, which cites a party source, the list of socialists at the Europeans will be headed by the former Minister of Health and current socialist deputy Marta Temido.

According to the complete list, put forward by Observador, Francisco Assis, currently a PS deputy and former president of the Economic and Social Council, will be number two.

PS leader Pedro Nuno Santos bet on the renewal of MEPs and also chose former minister and current deputy Ana Catarina Mendes to join this list, in 3rd place.

In 11th place, Pedro do Carmo from Alentejo.

In addition to Isilda Gomes, who is also leader of the Socialist Mayors, the list includes another mayor, Carla Tavares, mayor of Amadora.

The list also includes another Algarvian, but already as substitutes, without any possibility of being elected. This is Abel Matinhos, president of JS Algarve between 2017 and 2024 and municipal deputy in Loulé since 2017.



1. Marta Feared
50 years old.
Deputy to the Assembly of the Republic.
She was Minister of Health in the XXI, XXII and XXIII constitutional governments.
PhD in International Health and degree in Law.

2. Francis Assisi
59 years old.
Deputy to the Assembly of the Republic.
Former President of CES.
He was a member of the European Parliament between 2004 and 2009.
Degree in Philosophy.

3. Ana Catarina Mendes
51 years old.
Deputy to the Assembly of the Republic.
She was Deputy Minister of Parliamentary Affairs in the XXIII Constitutional Government, Deputy Secretary General of the PS and President of the PS Parliamentary Group.
Attorney. Degree in Law.

4. Bruno Goncalves
Born in Braga, 27 years old.
Secretary General of the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY).
Master in Mechanical Engineering.

5. Andre Rodrigues
47 years old.
Deputy and Vice-President of the PS Parliamentary Group, in the Legislative Assembly of the Autonomous Region of the Azores.
Graduated in Law.

6. Carla tavares
53 years old.
Degree in Management.
President of the Amadora City Council, President of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and Vice-President of the Council of Europe - Local Authorities.

7. Isilda Gomes
72 years old.
President of the Portimão City Council, of the National Association of Socialist Mayors and president of the Natural Resources Commission (NAT), of the
Teacher, with a degree in Mathematics and Natural Sciences Teaching.

8. Sergio Gonçalves
45 years. Graduated in economics and master in International Management.
Since 2019, he has been a PS deputy in the Legislative Assembly of Madeira. He was president of PS-Madeira.

9. Miguel Lemos
42 years. Degree in Economics.
President of the Board of Directors of Águas de Gaia.

10. Joana Sá Pereira
30 years old.
Jurist, master in Law.
She was a member of the Assembly of the Republic until 2024.

11. Pedro do Carmo
52 years old.
He was a deputy to the Assembly of the Republic in the XII, XIV and XV Legislatures and President of the Municipal Council of Ourique between 2005 and 2015.

12. Inês João Rodrigues
27 years old.
He is Vice President of YES.
Current president of JS Braga.

13. Jorge Manuel Santos Conde
62 years old.
PhD in Sports Sciences.
Professor specializing in cardiopneumology.
President of the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra.

14. Lucia Silva
60 years old.
She was a Deputy to the Assembly of the Republic.
Degree in Humanities.

15. Mario Balsa
44 years old.
Deputy to the Entroncamento Municipal Assembly.
Graduated in Law.

16. Ines Pinto
27 years old.
Master in European Union Law.
Currently, S&D Advisor to the Legal Affairs Committee and the Digital Europe Working Group.

17. Francisco Themudo
30 years old.
Degree in Political Science
Specialist technician at the Ministry of Economy from 2021 to 2024, current senior technician at Movijovem.

18. Margarida Cardoso
32 years old.
PhD in Ethnomusicology and Master in Music Teaching.
Coordinator of the Structures of Socialist Women of Seia.

19. Ana Cláudia Moreira
30 years old.
Graduated in Law and Postgraduate in Human Rights
He is part of the Support Office for the Presidency of the Valença City Council.
President of the Alto Minho Federation of Socialist Youth and is National Secretary of Socialist Youth for Local Authorities.

20. Helio Farmer
45 years old.
Degree in Production Engineering and Industrial Management.
Leader of the PS bench of the Municipal Assembly of Covilhã and Chief of Staff of the Mayor of Covilhã.

21. João Soares
74 years old.
He was a deputy to the Assembly of the Republic, President of Lisbon City Council between 1995 and 2002, and Minister of Culture in the XNUMXst Constitutional Government.


1. Vanda Cruz
45 years
Executive secretary of UGT
Degree in civil engineering

2. Adriano Menino
54 years old.
Degree in Management Informatics.
Councilor at Torre de Moncorvo City Council.
Deputy Director of IEFP, in Vila Real.

3. jose marques
67 years old.
Specialized Higher Studies Course in Community Animation and Adult Education
Former President of the Municipal Council of Sabrosa.

4. Nathalie Oliveira
47 years old.
Master in International Public Law.
She was a Councilor in the Chamber of Metz, France, and Member of the Assembly of the Republic in the last legislature.

5. Sofia Pereira
24 years old.
Specialist in blue economy and maritime transport.

6. Abel Matinhos
29 years
Degree in Law
President of JS Algarve between 2017 and 2024 and municipal deputy in Loulé since 2017.

7. Carolina Macedo Santos
28 years old.
Graduated in Law, with specializations in International and European Law; EU Digital Markets – Technology, Business & Regulation.
Member of the PS Porto Federative Political Committee.

8. João Pintassilgo
77 years old.
Machinist Engineer Officer, from Escola Superior Náutica Infante Dom Henrique.
Municipal Deputy Barreiro 2022 to 2025.
Vice-president Barreiro City Council 2017 to 2021.


(*) Updated at 23:56 pm, with the official list of candidates 


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