“Come knock on my door” project grants Silves the seal of the Caring for Informal Caregivers Movement

Project has been streamlined since the beginning of 2022

Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação (file)

The Municipality of Silves was awarded the seal of the Movimento Caring for Informal Caregivers for its project “Come knock on my door”.

The recognition allowed the Municipality to join the Network of Authorities that Care for Informal Caregivers (RACCI), composed, in 2023, of about four dozen municipalities that adopt the best practices and support measures for the benefit of informal caregivers.

This is the 2nd edition of RACCI, promoted by the Movimento Caring for Informal Caregivers, which aims to distinguish, disseminate and amplify the best practices carried out or formally carried out by Portuguese municipalities and parishes in this area, through the attribution of merit seals .

Supported by Merck, following the global corporate project “Embracing Carers”, this Movement has dozens of Portuguese associations whose objective is to carry out projects capable of helping, in practice, those who care, whether it be a husband, wife, a child, from the father, from the mother.

In a note, the municipality of Silves recalls that the project “Come knock on my door” is an initiative implemented by the Municipality of Silves, since the beginning of 2022, through the Lifelong Education Centers, with the aim of «stimulating the memory and respond to the isolation of the older population in the municipality» .

Through home visits, technicians from the Municipality promote games using thematic images of free time, pets, memories and curiosities, a starting point for stimulating and exercising the intellectual capacities and expression of seniors.

O Sul Informação already accompanied one of these visits and tells you everything in this report.