The Walker found “naked man” and arrived in Alvorge

Another day full of stories on our hiker's route

T3: E11 – Alvaiázere / Alvorge 

Last night, the Pilgrim Cross and the icon of Our Lady Salus Populi Romani, symbols of World Youth Day, passed through Alvaiázere and today you can still see some floral arrangements on the sidewalk of the church.

A few episodes ago, the only Argentine I came across had stayed in the bunk above mine and had snored heartlessly. Tonight I think he was in the room above mine and I could still hear him snoring.

I did the whole stage accompanied by the pilgrim from Ribatejo, who is surrendered to the ointment I advised her, which greatly mitigated the shoulder and back problem. And, as four eyes see more than two, just follow the signposts and yellow arrows. I didn't even call gps/app.

The path today was very pleasant, along forest trails for the most part, olive and cork oak groves. The path was often framed by stone walls, some of them covered with moss. When I see them, I always remember that what gives stability and consolidates the large stones of the walls are the small stones.

Even when the path was on the road, we had pleasant surprises, such as countless wild orchids (orchis italica). In order not to think that I am an expert in this matter, the identification of the orchid was made through a photo that I took and sent to my friend S., who also said that the common name of this species was orchid of the naked man. And it has this name because each flower really looks like a naked man…

Today we saw many pilgrims. We overtook the Argentine guy many times, who always looks like he's going to collapse there, and he also overtook us a few times when we stopped to take pictures.

At the end of a climb, when we stopped to catch our breath, we were overtaken by a young Dutch woman, who had been walking from Lisbon and was delighted with our country. As she had the competitive advantage of age and legs up to her neck, after a little small talk, she turned on the turbo and off she went.

We passed/were passed by a Dane already known from other stages and, in Ansião, in a cafe next to the Town Hall, a dozen pilgrims gathered to eat something. For me it was a novelty, but in this cafe the payment of the expense is made in a machine, which receives banknotes and coins, and gives change!

In Ansião, which was more or less halfway through, we went to the municipal library to stamp our credentials and, this time, we saw the arrival of the World Youth Day caravan, which included a speech by the mayor(?)

Before reaching Alvorge we had a gravel climb, in the sun, which left us ready for a beer at the hostel. Today was another 25km run, but I had a place to wash my clothes – and to be creative in trying to dry them.


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