Can you imagine taking a drone to the beach? Will be able to do it in the Algarve in 2030

It will be the first region in the world to have this service

The Algarve will be the first region in the world to have a public transport system entirely based on drones, as of 2030, thanks to an investment announced this Friday, in Faro.

With DroneBus, inhabitants and tourists of the Algarve will be able to move between the different cities and beaches in the region using electric and autonomous drones, which will have the capacity to transport up to four people per trip.

The system will be managed by a mobile application, which will allow users to book and pay for their trips in advance.

The DroneBus enters the market with the promise of being «a fast, safe, ecological and economical means of transport, which will revolutionize mobility in the Algarve», according to LusoDrone, the company that will promote the project and that already has experience in the use of drones for commercial and recreational purposes.

The DroneBus has an expected investment of 500 million euros and has the support of the Portuguese Government and the European Union.

The president of DronePortugal, Pedro Costa, said that this is a "futuristic and pioneering" project, which will place the Algarve at the forefront of technology and world transport.

«To guarantee the safety and efficiency of the system, the drones will be equipped with sensors, cameras and advanced communication systems, which will allow them to avoid collisions, monitor air traffic and communicate with passengers and operators», he explained.

The drones will also "have rechargeable batteries and solar panels, which will allow them to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions", as well as "a range of around 100 kilometers and a maximum speed of 150 kilometers per hour".

These flying machines will land and take off from special platforms, which will be installed in strategic locations in the Algarve, "such as airports, train stations, shopping centers and hotels".

The company that promotes DroneBus also reveals that «there will be individual, family, executive and even thematic drones, decorated with motifs alluding to the Algarve, such as the sea, the sun or golf».

The price of trips will vary depending on the distance, time and type of drone chosen. DroneBus expects to carry around one million passengers a year and generate around 1000 direct and indirect jobs in the Algarve.


NOTE: This was the April 1st prank Sul Informação.


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