"Respect" asked teachers to the minister who "fled" through the back

«We want respect, justice and that we be heard»

Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação

«Respect» is, above all, what the dozens of teachers ask for who, on the afternoon of this Wednesday, March 1st, protested in front of the Pinheiro e Rosa Secondary School, in Faro, where the Minister of Education was, who “fled” through the back, avoiding crossing paths with the demonstrators.

At 16:00, dozens of teachers were already at the door of this school with posters asking for career enhancement, counting of the missing service time and that the issue of the «tunneling» of the quotas for access to the 5th and 7th echelon be resolved.

“The sense of injustice is tremendous. They say there is no money, but what we see is the discrepancy between what is invested in TAP and in banking, while in Public Schools this investment is less and less», regretted Inês Fernandes, Physical Education teacher, when Sul Informação. 

«We want respect, justice and that we be heard», continued Cátia Cardoso, professor of Physical Chemistry for 24 years.


Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação


«More than a teacher, I am the mother of three children who attend Public Schools and I am here for them, for myself and for my students. These negotiations that are taking place are centered on a single point, which is the issue of the placement of teachers and what is being proposed at the moment is worse for us», he stressed, reinforcing that all the claims that have led teachers to join the strikes «they are not even on the table».

At the door of the Secondary School, teachers from various educational establishments in the Algarve were waiting for a response from the Minister of Education, but João Costa entered through the back.

The government official was at Pinheiro e Rosa as part of the delivery of the SUAVA bicycles from the Esporte Escola Sobre Rodas project, a visit included in the “Governo + Próxima” programme, which, today and tomorrow, brings the entire executive to the Algarve.


Photos: Mariana Sedge | Sul Informação


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