Câmara de Lagos is teaching the youngest Braille alphabet

The initiative is taking place at the Escola do Bairro Operário

The Câmara de Lagos is promoting, throughout the month of March, teaching young people to know the Braille alphabet. 

The initiative is taking place at the Escola do Bairro Operário.

The last action took place this Thursday, March 16th, and was attended by a class of 24 1st year students.

In total, this initiative, which was very successful with the school community, reached a total of 196 students from nine classes, from this school in the Júlio Dantas School Group, in the municipality of Lagos.

Dina Neto, a worker at the City Council, who lives this reality, has made known how blind people live and work.

«Through this initiative, we intend to make known the Braille alphabet, and its inventor Louis Braille, as well as sensitize the youngest to the different ways that each one has to be and do according to their abilities, showing that having a disability it is not synonymous with inequality», says Dina Neto.

«We expect that, in the next few months, this initiative will reach all the 1st cycle schools in the municipality», refers, in turn, the councilor Sara Coelho, with the responsibility for education and social action.