Mayor of Olhão praises the preventive influence of video surveillance cameras

Municipality held this Wednesday, March 8, another meeting of the Municipal Security Council of Olhão

The Town Hall of Olhão hosted this Wednesday, March 8th, another meeting of the Municipal Security Council, in which the mayor António Miguel Pina praised, once again, the work of all the partners involved in the council, with emphasis on video surveillance cameras, for the preventive influence they represent and «for the fundamental role that they have already proven to have in aiding criminal investigation». 

During the meeting, it was also possible to ascertain that there is «a positive balance» to be made with regard to the performance of the Safe School programme, due to the proximity work carried out in the prevention of inappropriate behavior in the vicinity of educational establishments.

Representatives of school groups were unanimous in considering it necessary to reinforce the number of teams assigned to the programme.

Still with regard to the prevention of delinquent and criminal behavior by young people, it was identified as essential to reinforce the commitment to social monitoring and mental health of this section of the community.



At this point, António Miguel Pina informed that the Municipality will invest in the area of ​​mental health, mainly among younger people: «with everyone's help, we will try to understand which model to follow and the most adequate to minimize this problem and provide all possible support for our young people, so that they feel supported, accompanied, and make the right choices, both for themselves and for society».

Established in January 2001, the Municipal Security Council of Olhão is a municipal entity with advisory functions, which aims, according to the municipality, «to promote articulation, exchange of information and cooperation between entities that, in the area of of the municipality, intervene or are involved in preventing and guaranteeing social inclusion and the safety and tranquility of the population».