Ana Cristina Oliveira continues to lead Associação Música XXI

The Algarve Organ Festival will return this year

Ana Cristina Oliveira was re-elected, on the 24th of February, president of Associação Cultural Música XXI for the next three years. 

The direction, which maintains its training for three years, also took the opportunity to present this year's plan of activities that unfolds in various cultural areas, such as music, theatre, editing, training and photography.

The highlight goes to its emblematic event, the Organ Festival of the Algarve, which this year will celebrate its XVI edition.

The festival will take place, as usual since 2016, in the Algarve municipalities of Faro, Loulé, Tavira and Portimão and, as in 2022, it will promote a variety of activities, such as visits to the interior of the organs, presentations by students from the organ school, a photography competition or pedagogical sessions for schools in the municipality of Faro.



Other strong bets of this direction are the multidisciplinary events, which cross several artistic supports, as has happened in the Rota das Capelas, which will have its last edition on the 26th of March, in the chapel of Santo António do Alto and which will have the intervention by Gonçalo Pescada.

As part of the edition, the presentation of the new book by member nº1, of Associação Música XXI, Paulo Cunha, is scheduled for the 6th of May, at the António Ramos Rosa Municipal Library.

“Subscrevo!?, Reflexões e Provocações” is the title of the book, which brings together a set of chronicles by the author, published weekly online in the magazine “Algarve Informativo”, in the wake of CEM outbursts… SEM pimples, from 2017.

With regard to activities related to theatre, the Board plans to tour the show Aldeia Velha, by António Gambóias, which already has scheduled dates in Lisbon, as part of the “Mostra de Teatro Abril, Teatros Mil”.

It is also planned to create a theater cycle to take place from May onwards at the Association's headquarters.