Fuel consumption increases by 5% in December compared to November

According to ERSE's monthly Fuel and LPG Market bulletin

Fuel consumption in Portugal increased by 5% in December, compared to November, with increases in all oil derivatives, except for aviation fuel (jet), which decreased by 2,1%, disclosed today Entidade Reguladora dos Serviços Energéticos (ERSE ).

According to ERSE's monthly Fuel and LPG Market bulletin, in December, “global consumption [of fuels derived from petroleum] increased by 31,31 kton [kitontons] compared to the previous month, which represents an increase of 5,0. XNUMX%».

This increase occurred in LPG (12,7%), gasoline (9,4%) and diesel (5,3%). In the opposite direction, fuel consumption for aircraft ('jet') decreased by 2,1%.

Compared to December 2021, consumption was 3,8% higher (24,43 kton), with an increase in jet consumption (+15,9%), gasoline (+7,7%) and diesel (+2,2%). On the contrary, there was a reduction in the consumption of LPG (-13,6%) in the same period.

Compared to the same pre-pandemic period of 2019, consumption in December was lower (-11,49 kton), with a decrease in consumption of LPG (-10,3%), jet (-5,2%) and diesel (-1,2%). On the contrary, in the same period, gasoline consumption increased (+5,0%).

ERSE also points out that, in December, the average Retail Price (RPP) of diesel and gasoline in the national market followed the behavior of the international markets and recorded decreases of 10,3% and 8,2%, respectively, compared to to the previous month.

According to the regulator, hypermarkets «maintain the most competitive offers in road fuels, followed by operators in the 'low cost' segment».

Braga, Castelo Branco and Coimbra recorded the lowest diesel and gasoline prices, while Beja, Bragança and Faro showed the highest prices.

Regarding the bottle of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG, butane and propane), Braga, Viseu and Vila Real registered, for mainland Portugal, the lowest prices, while Leiria, Beja and Évora presented the highest prices.