A 4-meter fall injures a man at a construction site in Marmelete

There is an INEM helicopter on site.

INEM helicopter – Photo Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação (file)

A 47-year-old Portuguese man was seriously injured this afternoon after falling from a height of 4 meters from the roof of a house in Bairro das Marias, in Marmelete, municipality of Monchique.

District Relief Operations Command (CDOS) source told Sul Informação that the man is still at the scene being assisted by the emergency medical team that was transported there by the INEM helicopter. It is not yet known whether the same air transport will be used to transport the injured person to the hospital.

The same source could not say whether it was an accident at work or whether the work was by the victim himself.

There are 15 operators, five vehicles and the INEM helicopter on site.


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