South may escape Christmas with rain

Periods of rain, especially on the coast, being less frequent in the South region

The weather on the continent between the 24th and the 26th will be conditioned by the approach and passage of a cold frontal surface with undulations. Thus, periods of rain are expected, sometimes heavy and persistent in the north of the Montejunto-Estrela mountain system, especially on the coast, being less frequent in the southern region.

The wind will be light to moderate from the south quadrant, sometimes strong and gusty on the west coast and in the highlands. Temperatures will remain above average for this time of year, with no significant changes expected over the next two days.

Thus, maximum temperatures between 10 and 19°C and minimum temperatures between 6 and 15°C are expected, with the highest values ​​on the coast and the lowest in the interior North and Centre.

On the 26th, a slight decrease in the minimum temperature values ​​is expected.

In general, the sea waves on the west coast will be from the northwest with 3 to 3,5 meters to the north of Cabo Raso and 2 to 3 meters to the south of that cape, changing to waves from the west from the 24th.

On the south coast, the waves will be from the southwest with 1 meter, increasing to 2 meters on the 25th. This statement will be updated on December 24th, at 18 pm.