Researcher Helena Quintas talking about «Studying at university: from 8 to 80»

Initiative born from the partnership between CEAD of UAlg and Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve

Researcher Helena Quintas is the guest of the next “À Conversa com…”, this Wednesday, the 7th, at 18 pm, at the Gimnásio Clube de Faro🇧🇷 The theme is “Studying at university: from 8 to 80”.

The researcher invites participants to discuss lifelong university education: What is it about? Who participates? What are the motivations? Is it leisure or work?

“À Conversa com…” is a cycle of informal conversations on emerging themes or challenges in today's society, during which the aim is to combine a scientific approach with the vision and knowledge of the local community.

This initiative is born out of a partnership between CEAD – Center for Research in Adult Education and Community Intervention, of the University of Algarve, and Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve, with the support of Gimnásio Clube de Faro.

The next sessions already scheduled for 2023 are:

· February 8th: “Talking with Cláudia Luísa – A compliment to madness – Promoting mental health in aging”

· April 5: “Talking to Catarina Doutor – Are we all racist? How is racism manifested in Higher Education?”

· June 7th: “Talking to António Fragoso – Age discrimination: myth or reality?”

· October 4th: “Talking to Carla Vilhena – Education for motherhood: yesterday and today”