Meeting in Ayamonte gives voice to young entrepreneurs from the Algarve and Andalusia

In European Year of Youth

The Cross-border Meeting of Women Entrepreneurs, which annually celebrates female entrepreneurship, seeking to provide answers and contribute to joint strategies, will take place tomorrow, December 13, at the Centro Cultural Casa Grande, in Ayamonte (Spain).

The program begins at 10:00 am (Spanish) with a reception and coffee, followed by welcome notes by Remedios Sanchez, from the Municipality of Ayamonte, Filomena Sintra, from the Municipality of Castro Marim, and Conceição Pires, from the Municipality of Vila Real de Santo Antonio , as well as representatives of Europe Direct Algarve and Huelva, and Elsa Cordeiro, vice-president of the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development (CCDR) in the Algarve.

Between 10:45 and 12:30, the journalist Rosa Rodrígues, from Canal Costa (Huelva), will moderate the debate, under the theme «Business in the feminine: young voices».

It is intended to make known the stories and points of view of the young guests, but also to promote information about opportunities for all women in Europe, to talk about businesses that need female voices and to allow the exchange of good practices in stimulating the female entrepreneurship in both regions.

Confirmed for the Algarve are Carina Cruz, by Startup de Portimão, creator of the startup My Fairy Nanny, Filipa Fonseca, social media manager Social Media Creative and Virtual Assistant at Buddy for Business and co-founder of SPEAK Faro, and Ana Catarina, for Algarve TecHub, Marketing, Personal Branding and training.

A part of the meeting will be reserved for networking and product display by the companies/entrepreneurs present.

For historical, political and social reasons, female entrepreneurship – understood as female leadership in own or non-owned enterprises – is an issue that has only recently been discussed, analyzed and promoted.

With the intensification of debates on gender equality, entrepreneurship has been increasingly open to the participation and protagonism of women. In the European Union, for example, startups create 85% of new jobs, but only 30% of these companies are founded by women.

Despite the fact that gender inequality has been decreasing in recent decades, it is estimated that it will take another 70 years for women to be able to be on an equal footing with men - European Union report on equality between the two sexes (figures of 2019).

Europe is thus a “good example” of the way to go – for every ten men who dedicate themselves to a business activity, there are six women.

Interestingly, in Spain there is a trend towards equality: there are nine women for every ten men.

The work carried out by local administrations, by international programs (the World Day of Women Entrepreneurs, celebrated on November 19), by improving education or simply by having more and more references, the truth is that the trend of female business activity has increased considerably (up to 10 percentage points in two years, according to the GEM-Global Entrepeneurship Monitor).

It should be added that the number of women who are looking for an alternative for their future is growing, taking on new projects, especially in countries with emerging economies or situations of difficult access to the labor market.

What then is the current scenario of female entrepreneurship? What challenges and impacts does female leadership bring?

This will be one of the topics under discussion at the Cross-border Meeting of Entrepreneurial Women, organized by the Eurocity of Guadiana (Municipalities of Ayamonte, Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António), Europe Direct Algarve and Huelva and AME – Association of Women Entrepreneurs de Huelva and has the support of the EURES T AA – Eures Transfrontierico project.

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