Tunes: Attempts to escape the GNR in the wrong direction and ends up arrested for drug trafficking

Man had thousands of doses of hashish with him

A man who tried to flee in the wrong direction, when he saw the GNR on the side of the road, at IC1, in the Tunis area, was arrested for drug trafficking, on Monday, the 4th.

Military of the Transit Detachment (DT) of Faro were involved “in a signaling action and prevention of a road accident”, when the suspect, “after seeing the military guards, started an escape in the opposite direction, with the aim of avoiding the military”.

The escape attempt was quickly foiled. Following the approach, the elements of the GNR realized that the suspect had drugs and carried out “a personal security search and a search of the vehicle, culminating in the seizure of 1 doses of hashish”.

The police action counted on the reinforcement of a canine technician (team and man) of the Intervention Detachment (DI) of Faro.

The detainee was made an accused and the facts communicated to the Judicial Court of Portimão.