Vila Real de Santo António in Cape Verde for the day of the Municipality of Sal

Mayor and Councilor for Culture participate in the celebrations

The mayor of Vila Real de Santo António, as well as the councilor for Culture, are in Cape Verde to participate in the celebrations of the Day of the Municipality of Sal, a locality with which the Algarve city is twinned.

The visit of Álvaro Araújo and Conceição Pires has several bilateral meetings on the agenda to address topics related to tourism, trade and cultural promotion.

The Sal Municipality Day ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister of Cape Verde, José Ulisses Correia e Silva, who joined the program of celebrations and the Solemn Session.

The mayor of Vila Real de Santo António took the opportunity to offer a tribute plaque to his counterpart Júlio Lopes, from the Municipality of Sal.

In addition to cementing the link between the two cities, this exchange aims to exchange experiences and deepen the twinning protocol signed between Vila Real de Santo António and Sal in 2009.

The visit also aims to share knowledge and enhance synergies in the tourism sector, a transversal economic activity that is decisive in the economic fabric of the two municipalities.