«Days of the Black Virgins» return to the Ermida de Guadalupe

With Medieval Illumination workshop

Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe – Photo: Vanda Oliveira (file)

The “Days of the Black Virgins” are back at the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe, in Vila do Bispo, this weekend, with a Medieval Illumination workshop. 

According to a Cultural Association “The Crow and the Fox”, which promotes these days, the workshop «complements the artistic residency of medieval music of the Ensemble Na Rota do Peregrino, aiming to give a visual component to the musical proposal to be presented in concert».

«It is not about learning the strict techniques of illumination, but making a historically informed proposal that allows to carry out a work using visual and technical resources of the time».

The workshop takes place on the 6th of August, between 10:00h and 12:30h and 14:00h and 16:30h, and on the 7th of August, between 10:00h and 12:30h.

Participation is free of charge, but presupposes being present on both working days, «since some techniques imply waiting periods for drying, necessary for the correct completion of the work». Anyone who wants to participate, must register here

With this workshop, the Association intends to “involve the community and raise awareness through a concrete activity for historical, heritage and identity issues that strengthen ties with the local heritage and contribute to the formation of an informed public”.

After a brief presentation of the theme, participants are invited to seek inspiration for the design of their lighting in the elements observed on site, and may also use the images provided. The work will then be done with egg tempera prepared on the spot and there will also be recourse to the “gold leaf” technique.

Between the 7th and 13th of August, there is an exhibition by the artistic director Mara Taquelim.

This is a project supported by the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve.

The “Days of the Black Virgins” is an annual project, which is defined as a tribute to the place of the Ermida de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe (one of the best known Black Virgins) and to the ancestral cult that was established there, through music and of the plastic arts.
The project is structured around two axes: Music, curated by Daniela Tomaz and Carme Juncadella, and Visual Arts, curated by Ana Celorico Machado.