Silves concluded works to reinforce the water supply to São Bartolomeu de Messines

The work made it possible to reinforce the flow capacity

The Municipality of Silves announced that the contract for the “Adduction of the Water Supply to the East Zone of the parish of São Bartolomeu de Messines”, which consisted of the placement of a new pipeline/distributor between Rua dos Caçadors and the diversion to the João Luís Fountain.

The investment amounted to around 160 thousand euros, having been applied for the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR).

With the project, the old water pipes were reactivated, located between the deposits of Quinta dos Oregãos, Rua 1.º de Maio, Rua António Aleixo and Rua dos Caçadors, with the aim of making the water supply to the entire spring area autonomous. of São Bartolomeu de Messines, from Aldeia Ruiva, including in the near future, the site of Vale Figueira (work in the public tender phase).

The work made it possible to reinforce the flow capacity, also ensuring adequate pressure levels and greater flexibility in the management of the network in situations of failure or other constraints.

The investment is part of the «municipal strategy for the rehabilitation, reorganization, modernization and technological qualification of the water supply network, which aims to control and reduce water losses, increase water and energy efficiency and provide better service to the population», highlights the Silves Chamber.