Open-air exhibition proposes a tour of the history of underwater archeology of the Arade River

Show the general public the riches that have been discovered at the bottom of the river…and alert to the much that remains to be discovered

Underwater archeology in the Arade estuary – Photo: DGPC (archive)

An exhibition on underwater archaeological research that, from the end of the 18th century to the present, has been carried out on the Arade River, opens at 23 pm on the 18rd of July, at Praça Manuel Teixeira Gomes, in Portimão, where it will remain on view until XNUMXth of September.

The exhibition, prepared by the GAMP – Grupo de Amigos do Museu de Portimão in close collaboration with the Parish of Portimão, the Museum and the Municipality of Portimão, constitutes the sixth edition of the project of exhibitions abroad, this time entitled “Walking through Underwater History of the Arad River”.

Started in 2017, this GAMP project displays large-scale photographs outdoors, seeking to confront visitors with an unexpected encounter with relevant moments of the underwater archaeological research work that, over the last 30 years, has been carried out at Arade by several local, national and international entities.

The Arade River has long been considered one of the most relevant national areas of nautical and underwater archeology, having been used over the last two millennia as a place of passage, settlement, civilizational crossroads of cultures and trade relations with the peoples of the Mediterranean basin. , North Africa and Europe.

From this historical context, a valuable underwater cultural heritage has been discovered and collected, much of which can be seen in the Portimão Museum, where it is safeguarded and exposed.

The proposal for street exhibitions “Passear pela História” seeks to “strengthen the identity of the Portimonense community, by valuing the city and the municipality, as a cultural and leisure destination, while providing, in an informal way, a relaxed journey in the time, among the memories and social experiences resulting from the main activities that characterize the unique historical path of Portimão», emphasize the organizers.

In this exhibition, the immense archaeological wealth of the Arade River is highlighted, through the evocation of the work that the various entities, associations, diving and underwater archeology teams and the Portimão Museum itself have been carrying out in recent times.

The theme of underwater heritage, in fact, remains very current in the Arade estuary, as evidenced byecent approval, subject to conditions, of the project to expand the Portimão cruise port, which will have a strong negative impact on submerged archaeological remains, some of which may not even be identified.