plane that left Faro crash landed half an hour later with suspected engine fire

Airbus A320 had 197 people on board

An EasyJet plane that made the connection between Faro and Glasgow made an emergency landing at Faro, shortly after 22:00, about half an hour after departing, due to the suspicion of a fire in one of the aircraft's engines, the Sul Informação.

A source from the Regional Emergency and Civil Protection Command (CREPC) told our newspaper that “the previous intervention plan was activated, with a red alert, due to a technical problem with the aircraft”.

Even so, according to the same source, despite this being the reason for the alert, “no fire was detected on the aircraft”.

The Airbus 320 had 197 people on board, including passengers and crew, and had departed at 21:33 pm.

The landing ended up happening, according to the CREPC source, «at around 22:03 pm and the end of the emergency was decreed at 22:12 pm».

The means foreseen in the previous intervention plan of the Airport of Faro, in a total of 79 operational and 33 vehicles.