Former train station wins 1st prize at the Arte Doce de Lagos Fair

Traditional or more creative sweets, snacks, music for all tastes, all with free admission



The recreation of the old train station in Lagos, with a train arriving, made with fine almond jam, earned Cantinho Doce da Fernanda the 1st prize, in the obligatory theme, of the Arte Doce Fair, which continues until tomorrow in Lagos.

The mandatory theme had to do with the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the train to this barlaventine city, a date that is celebrated this Saturday, July 30th.

The 2nd prize, curiously, was also awarded to the confectioner who made a replica of the old station, with the particularity of having two passengers waiting for the train. The 3rd prize was awarded to a replica of the season clock, also made of fine almond candy.

In the free theme, the 1st prize went to a sewing machine, with all the details, created by Doces da Fátima, with the next award being won by an Algarve chimney, made of fig jam (As Passinhas do Algarve). The 3rd prize was awarded to an octopus, created in fine jam by Atelier dos Sabores.

The Arte Doce fair continues until tomorrow, July 31, at the Lagos Sports Complex, with free admission. Inside, there is the sale of confectionery from Lagos, the Algarve and the rest of the country, as well as an exhibition with competing pieces.

The exterior has handicrafts, taverns and other food products, in a total of about 113 participants.

Animation is always guaranteed: on the smaller stage, throughout the afternoon and evening, local artists or artists from the Portuguese province of Estremadura, which is the invited region, play.

On the main stage, the big names perform. Today, Saturday, the concert is in charge of Bárbara Bandeira, while tomorrow night, closing, Mariza takes the stage.

At one of the entrances to the enclosure, in the open air, the photography exhibition “No Fim Da Linha”, by Telma Veríssimo, can also be appreciated, as part of the “Excerpts” cycle, by the Questão Repetida Association, marking the centenary of the train’s arrival in Lagos. .


Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação