MaréS – Culatra Cultural Festival is coming

Between May 27th and 31th

Photo: Pablo Sabater | Sul Informação (File)

Plastic processing workshops, dance, music and lots of fun are not to be missed at MaréS -Culatra Cultural Festival, which takes place from the 27th to the 31st of May.

The festival will feature a varied program, designed for all ages, which aims to serve as a lever for a set of initiatives that demonstrate the community's capacity for active, informed and creative civic participation.

«This is a community-based initiative, which focuses on cultural dynamism, valuing the identity and creative capacity of Culatra and demonstrating the possibility of sustainability, circularity and energy transition», explains the Association of Residents of Culatra Island (AMIC). ) in a statement.

Between the 27th and 31st of May there will be plastic transformation workshops, dance, music, public art, presentation of the Action Plan for Sustainable Tourism on Culatra Island, spaces for demonstrating the use of waste for the creation of new objects, cinema, resumption of the traditional dances of Culatra and homage to the men and women who work in the estuary and in the sea.

«This is an event that aims to affirm the local identity and demonstrate that it is possible to act towards the sustainability and conservation of ecosystems, in a creative, dynamic and participatory way», concludes AMIC.