Athlete from Quarteira wins BMX Portuguese Cup

Algarve also led in the cadet category

Renato Silva, from Team BMX Quarteira, was the big winner of the Portuguese BMX Cup, which took place this weekend, May 21st and 22nd, at Parque Verde da Bela Vista, in Setúbal. 

In the male junior/elite category, Renato Silva (Team BMX Quarteira) completely dominated the weekend, with Alejandro Kim (BMX Badajoz, AD) and Bernardo Rocha (AEBTT Rio/Mr.Print) completing the podium in the second and third positions also in both rounds.

In the women's sector, Rita Xufre, from Núclo Bicross de Setúbal/knowledge inside, got the better of Leonor Carvalho (Núcleo Bicross de Setúbal/knowledge inside) in both rounds of the weekend.

On Saturday, the third place went to Matilde Melo (Linda a Pastora Sporting Clube) and on Sunday to Filipa Gonçalves (Clube Bicross de Portimão).

With this authoritative display, Rita Xufre holds the leadership of the Portuguese BMX Cup, with 14 points more than Leonor Carvalho.

In the male cadet category, the victories were divided between André Ribeiro (Clube Bicross de Portimão), who won the fifth round, and Leonardo Carmo (Team BMX Quarteira), who won the sixth round.

In the women's sector, in the women's 9/12 category, it was Íris Moraru (Clube Bicross de Portimão) who dominated, with Carlota Santos (Casa do Povo de Abrunheira) achieving the same feat, in the women's 13/14.

In the school categories, in pupils, the victory in the fifth round went to Miguel Santos (Núcleo Bicross de Setúbal/knowledge inside), in the sixth round the winner was Hugo Linares (BMX Badajoz, AD). Isaac Borralho (AEBTT Rio/Mr.Print) dominated in Benjamin, Gustavo Pereira (Clube Bicross de Portimão) in the beginners, Gonçalo Ribeiro (Clube Bicross de Portimão) in children and Francisco Sousa (Team BMX Quarteira) in juveniles.

In the categories of veterans, in male masters, the victory of the fifth round went to João Fidalgo (AEBTT Rio/Mr.Print) and the sixth to Carlos Rosado (Clube Bicross de Portimão). In cruiser 30/39, André Martins (Team BMX Quarteira) got the best in both races.

In the 40+ cruiser category Rodrigo Raposo (Núcleo Bicross de Setúbal/knowledge inside) won the first race of the weekend and Paulo Domingues (Individual) won the second. In the female category, in the +25 category, Mónica Gaboleiro (Individual) dominated in both events.

According to the Portuguese Cycling Federation, the Clube Bicross de Portimão team was the winner this Sunday and dominates the overall ranking by teams.

The seventh and eighth rounds, which will close the 2022 BMX Portuguese Cup, will take place in Coimbra, on the 17th and 18th of September.