Lagoa signs agreement with IHRU to invest 13 million in housing

Agreement defines a global investment amount of more than 13 million euros

The Câmara de Lagoa signed a cooperation agreement with the Instituto da Habitação e da Reabilitação Urbana (IHRU), within the scope of the 1st Right Programme, which will allow for more housing in the municipality, through the construction of new houses, acquisition for rehabilitation, from lease to sublease, and also provides for the rehabilitation of social housing.

“We took two important steps to put our Local Housing Strategy into practice. No rush, with firm and solid steps to give the people of Lagoa what they need most, a house to live in”, said Luís Encarnação, Mayor of Lagoa.

The cooperation agreement signed between Lagoa and the IHRU defines a global investment amount of more than 13 million euros, of which 11 million are non-repayable financing by the IHRU.

The 1st Right – Housing Access Support Program aims to support the promotion of housing solutions for people who live in unworthy housing conditions and who do not have the financial capacity to support the cost of access to adequate housing.

The municipal executive of Lagoa also approved, last week, two projects for the construction of housing that will bring 43 more houses to the municipality. One of the projects will be carried out at Rua Dr. º Sebastião Trindade Pinto, in Lagoa, with the construction of seven dwellings, and the other will be carried out in the Bairro Social in Porches, with the construction of 36 dwellings.

The municipality explains that, with the construction of these 36 dwellings in Porches, within the scope of the 1st Right Programme, “the current executive gives the opportunity to the people of Lagos to settle in the area of ​​the municipality with less population density and drops the pretension of building, in that place, an urban park, replacing it with housing, considering it a priority, since the families of Lagos and their well-being come first».

The Municipality is now preparing to apply for the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) to execute these two projects, which are mature enough to be financed by the so-called “European bazooka”.

In addition to the cooperation agreement signed with the IHRU and the two projects approved, the Municipality of Lagoa is preparing to carry out the project for the construction of houses, at controlled costs, also in Porches, next to the Urbanização do Ramalheiro, with the construction of more than 50 dwellings, in a land acquired by the current executive, in the year 2021.