DUAL students offered love and cookies to the Portimão Elderly Support Center

The interaction between generations is one of the themes worked on in the daily routine of DUAL

Each of the 25 users of the Elderly Support Center de Portimão received, on the 14th of February, an assortment of cakes made by the 2nd year class of the Technical Course in Cooking/Pastry (TCP2009) at Centro DUAL Portimão.

«Eggs, flour, sugar and butter are simple ingredients, which transform in a sublime way when mixed with art and love», highlights Dual Portimão. Cooking trainer Marlene Santos, keeping in mind her motto “cooking with love always has another flavor”, guided the trainees in the preparation of Hungarians, Buttery, Gem Cakes, Venison Tongues and French Cookies.

The cookies were accompanied by poems written by the 2nd year classes of the Management Support Technician (TAG2007) and Restaurant/Bar Technician (TRB2008) courses, in Portuguese classes, with trainer Licínia Pedrosa.


The collaboration of the Portimão Elderly Support Center and the availability of the technical directors, Ana Luísa and Helena Figueiredo, was fundamental. In the words of technician Danielle Lira, “it was a contribution that brought even more brightness and affection” to the routine of the elderly.

According to this school, «this is just one example among many of the various activities that punctuate the formative life of young people at DUAL».

All young people between the ages of 15 and 29, with the 9th grade completed, now have the opportunity to register for the 2022/2023 school year. The training, divided between theoretical classes (two days a week) and Practical Training in a Work Context (three days a week, at the internship location), gives access to equivalence to the 12th year and level IV professional certification.

The courses available are: Management Support Technician, Kitchen and Pastry Technician, Restaurant/Bar Technician, Hotel Receptionist and Commercial Technician. The syllabus of the courses and the respective social support can be consulted by clicking here.